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[ISO Standards]

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Within this facility are Drake custom designed extruders, dedicated dryers, annealing ovens along with precision fabrication equipment. Capabilities include rod diameters from 2 to 150 mm and flat stock from 10 mils to 25 mm thicknesses. The medical cell’s capabilities range from the conversion of pellets through to final devices with total traceability within the confines of a single facility. About Drake Plastics Medical Products Drake Plastics Medical is organized to be a “one-stop shop” for specialty polymers for prototyping to higher volumes of parts made via multiple conversion techniques including machining or and injection molding of PEEK, AvaSpire PAEK, Amodel, IXEF and Torlon. Drake also provides stock shapes made from many FDA compliant resins that are well suited for non-implant medical and life science applications. Additionally, Drake’s Process Development Team converts custom formulations, providing customers with customized and confidential conversion services for both implantable and non-implantable polymers, quickly and economically. About Drake Plastics Founded in 1996, Drake Plastics pioneered the production of stock shapes from glass reinforced Torlon 5030 in support of the Javelin Missile Program. Drake offers a continually expanding portfolio of machinable shapes, injection molded parts and precision machined components from Torlon and specialty PEEK. Drake is an ISO 9001-2008 registered, lean manufacturer. Waste and inefficiency are relentlessly driven out contributing to Drake’s ability to develop and produce unique, high quality engineering plastic products.

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